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SATO Introduces 4

Apr 07, 2023

TOKYO — March 7, 2023 — SATO, developer of auto-ID and labeling solutions, today launched the PW4NX 4-inch mobile label printer. The PW4NX is designed for mobility, speed, durability, and minimal downtime to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) in a range of business-critical mobile labeling applications in logistics, retail, manufacturing, health care, and food service.

Warehouses are typically staffed by operators that tend to work extended hours, inevitably resulting in mistakes. For warehousing and retail logistics, printing at the point of application leads to greater accuracy and productivity, and this is why mobile labeling has grown in popularity in recent years.

Ease of use, flexibility and cost savings are crucial success factors for ecommerce companies. Volume continues to grow, causing additional stress on operations. Annual growth of 14 percent in the US1 and 17 percent in Europe2 are expected as ecommerce grows to $2.3 trillion in the US and Europe by 20253. As manufacturers and logistics providers fulfill a growing volume of orders, they must make smart warehousing investments to maintain efficient flows of goods. The PW4NX serves as the centerpiece for mobile labeling solutions that lower total cost of ownership in the factory, retail warehouse, distribution center and more.

Industry-leading 6 ips4 print speeds reduce printing time by 32 percent5. This lets workers move on to the next task faster for greater productivity. Retailers and warehouse operators prefer to use mobile printing during peak seasons but due to common challenges such as slow print speed and insufficient print quality, they may use stationary printers or desktop printers pushed around on carts to ensure print speed and quality. With print quality equivalent to a desktop printer, the PW4NX allows easy mobility for accuracy. It also prints with consistent quality with a smaller footprint to reduce upfront cost.

In terms of upkeep, consumables parts like platen rollers and print heads are replaceable for significant cost savings6. Remote monitoring of printer usage data prevents downtime from worn-out parts and batteries that need to be replaced. Smart battery management also allows those managing large operations to know the battery health for individual printers across numerous locations, helping reduce the cost of replacement.

With mobile label printing, durability means less downtime. This translates to longer life and higher ROI. The PW4NX has a durable body designed to survive drops up to 7 feet (2.14 m) and its IP54 rating means it is protected against dust and water splashes, which is optimal for demanding working environments. In the warehouse, mobile printers can be mounted on forklifts. The PW4NX has remarkable vibration resistance, essential for forklift use.

"I am excited to add a high-performance mobility option to our product range," said Goro Yumiba, Global Operations officer at SATO Holdings Corp. "In addition to its best-in-class design, we will make PW4NX the centerpiece of customer-centric solutions with genuine consumables, and add-on services like MDM, apps, and maintenance support that reduce running costs over the lifetime of the investment."

Features of the PW4NX:

Posted March 7, 2023