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VinesOS Releases an Impressive Line

Jun 02, 2023

New system features, including Modifiers, Happy Hour Specials, and Kitchen Printing, streamline winery tasting room sales and improve operational efficiency.

San Jose, CA | May 18, 2023 – VinesOS strategically released a range of POS features this month, just in time for tasting rooms to prepare for the influx of consumers.

"We are thrilled to announce these new blockbuster features. Since we unveiled our POS last year, we’ve been leaning in, closely listening to our clients, going on site, and watching it in use," says Jules Robbins, CEO of VinesOS. "We gathered valuable feedback, rolled up our sleeves, and are excited to release this feature-rich upgrade today."

Highlights of the new POS features include:

The newest POS features are designed to offer flexibility, and efficiency, as well as to maximize sales and revenue. The options for implementing these features are endless, making it easier for business owners to provide quality customer service.

"Our commitment to providing a truly all-in-one and highly customizable platform remains unwavering, ensuring our clients have the ultimate solution for their tasting room operations," states Robbins.

About VinesOS

VinesOS is a modern, cloud-based, direct-to-consumer platform for the alcohol beverage industry, offering best-of-class Point of Sale, eCommerce, Club, and Reservations. Intuitive and easy to use, VinesOS gives you the tools you need to run your tasting room, wine bar, restaurant, or retail store.

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San Jose, CA | May 18, 2023 Highlights of the new POS features include: About VinesOS