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Itari 241BT shipping label thermal printer review

Nov 18, 2023

REVIEW – I started an Etsy store last year, and lately, things have picked up. Printing labels on paper and taping them onto boxes became tiresome and time-consuming. The Itari 241BT shipping label thermal printer review offer came along at just the right time. Read on to find out how it has helped me out.

The Itari 241BT is a thermal label printer that connects via USB and Bluetooth.

If you have to ship numerous items, you know that shipping can be quite a chore. Much of that difficulty is creating and affixing shipping labels.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time printing labels on my laser printer, cutting them out, and taping them to packages. One or two packages aren't a big deal. However, when you have to do 10 or 20 a day, that can take up a considerable amount of time. Tape and paper can add up costs over time as well.

The Itari 241BT shipping label thermal printer made me say one thing when I printed my first shipping labels: "I should have done this sooner!" Saying it's a time saver is an understatement.

I can click print, and before I can reach over to the printer, the label is done. It kicks the labels out quickly at about 1 second for a 4×6 label. Be careful though, if you have more than one printer attached to your computer. I accidentally printed 20 copies of an instruction sheet to the label printer instead of my laser printer, and it prints so fast that there's not really enough time to cancel it.

Thermal label printers like this tend to have a lower resolution than a typical printer, but that's by design. Thermal printers don't require ink, ribbons, or toner. Shipping labels don't need to be high quality; they need to be readable and fast to print. The Itari 241BT shipping label thermal printer does just that.

The Itari 241BT shipping label thermal printer can print from Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, iOS, and Android. For Bluetooth wireless printing, Windows 10 or later is required. For mobile devices, the Labelife app can be used. Windows requires Windows 8 or later. On macOS, only USB connections are supported. For Windows, there is no need to install a driver.

The Itari 241BT shipping label thermal printer is compatible with Esty, eBay, UPS, FedEx, Shopify, Shipworks, Easyship, Shippo, ShipGator, PayPal, Shippingeasy, Ordoro, Shipwire, StockX, XPS Ship, etc. Pretty much anything that generates a 4×6 label (or smaller) will work. Most of these sites output the label to a PDF, and then you print that.

Loading labels is easy. Press the release button on the back, and the top flips up. Feed the labels through the guides and close the top. The printer automatically detects the start of the label.

I found printing from Windows simple; it's no different from printing with a standard printer. Printing from the app is a little cumbersome, but that's more of a limitation of iOS on the iPhone. To print a pre-made label from Etsy, I first had to save it to my files. In the Labelife app, I then imported it and printed it. It's something I would only want to do occasionally, but it's nice that you can do it if I need to.

The Labelife app also can design labels. There are a lot of pre-loaded label sizes to choose from, or you can specify your own. Once you select a label size, a designer screen lets you insert text, images, shapes, lines, bar codes, and QR codes. In the images section, you can import your own image or choose from a large selection of icon images/symbols. The app is usable on a phone but is probably much easier on a tablet.

Labels are very affordable. I purchased a box of 500 from Amazon for $13.99, which comes out to about $0.03 per label. Buying in larger quantities can save you even more. I’ve run a couple of hundred labels through the Itari 241BT shipping label thermal printer without any failures.

I found the Itari 241BT shipping label thermal printer easy to use and fast to print labels. It has been dependable and quite a time saver. If you do a lot of shipping, a label printer will surely make it much easier.

Price: $94.99Where to buy: AmazonSource: The sample of this product was provided by Labelife.

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