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Best label makers of 2023 tried and tested

Jan 13, 2024

Make Marie Kondo proud

reviously considered the domain of office managers and makeup-obsessed teens in the early Noughties, label makers have proven their worth far beyond these seemingly opposing realms.

With the advent of Marie Kondo-style organisation back in 2019, the series of lockdowns that followed, and the resulting re-organisational chaos that ensued in homes across the globe, it's safe to say that society has undergone a shift.

Spinning, shelf-sized Lazy Susan's and clear plastic tubs are now scattered throughout search histories or sitting stagnant in online shopping baskets, while organisational enthusiasts opt to stay at home on Saturday nights perfecting an army-style clothing roll for Tetris-like wardrobes.

Society is taking a U-turn back to the hyper-organised and ultra clean aesthetic not seen since Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie were barging into homes up and down the country, brightly hued feather dusters firmly clasped in their marigold-clad hands. This time around, the only difference is the addition of some slightly more hi-tech accoutrements.

Organisational TikToks now reign supreme, with everything from ice cube tray restocking and fridge organisation to Kardashian-style glass cookie jar videos going viral faster than you can say "label maker". Content creators provide links to their bustling Amazon store fronts, through which you can purchase each and every one of their favourite home and kitchen gadgets.

It is the label maker in particular, however, which has seen a massive surge in popularity – not least due to the rise in small business owners in recent years. Videos regarding label makers have received over 151.2M views on TikTok, with the Cricut and Niimbot Label Makers featuring the most often.

Keep scrolling for a round-up of the best label makers currently on the market.

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Best for: a label maker that can do it all

This is the single most popular, hi-tech label maker which has been making the rounds as of late – and for good reason. The Cricut label maker can well and truly do it all. What sets this machine aside from most label makers is hinted at in the name itself: its smart-cutting abilities.

Unlike traditional label and sticker makers, which prevent users without expert-level scissor skills from creating intricate designs, the Cricut does all of that cutting for you with laser precision. This means that you can create symbol-clad designs, individual letters and intricate vinyl decals with the touch of a button. Simply use the included metal picker tool to lift those detailed stickers and labels from the paper without any damage, and place as desired.

Weighing only 1.75kg, it's a wonder this machine can do so much. Not only can it cut through the included Cricut materials, but it also works with over 50 other materials such as iron-on, cardstock, vinyl, paper, Smart Materials and more. You can even download the companion Design Space app and create or upload your very own designs and illustrations.

Though on the pricier sider, you’ll be simply blown away by how much is included in this beginner's set. From extra fine point pens, card mats and transfer tape, to a free trial subscription to Cricut Access for tips, tricks and more designs – the Cricut is a trusty essential for any at-home crafter or organisation fiend.

Best for: vintage-style embossing

Embossing label makers notoriously take far longer than the ultra-hi-tech and advanced label makers of today, but their effect is unmatched. To create labels, you have to individually stamp each letter into the coloured tape of your choosing.

As such, vintage-style embossers work best for shorter labels, such as herbs and spices, food containers and clothes storage. You could even use an embossing label maker to introduce a new page or date in your daily planner or bullet journal.

This highly rated Etsy shop sells embossers in green, aqua and bright pink hues, and also offers the largest array of tape colours we’ve seen. From fluorescent yellow to polka dot pink and your classic black - go label-making crazy.

Best for: small businesses

Small, sleek and a good-looking addition to any home office set up, the Itari wireless thermal printer is a favourite amongst small business owners across the globe. You’ll often see these hiding in the background of those satisfying "package an order with me" TikTok videos, which have altogether garnered nearly 700 million views.

The Itari is Bluetooth operated and is therefore wireless and easy to transport. Print labels without any pesky wires straight from your iPhone or tablet – or, if using a desktop computer, connect your Itari using the provided USB cable.

This fantastic machine is compatible with all major shipping and sales platforms including Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, DHL, FedEX, Parcelforce, Royal Mail, TNT, DPD, Hermes and more. Simply download the companion app called LabelLife and enjoy the speediest of printing.

It is equipped with a Japanese ROHM print head which ensures unmatched thermal efficiency, while printing at an outstanding 150mm/s with 203DPI for extra clear barcodes and shipping information. The Itari also has a moveable paper guide clip, which allows you to switch between printing labels of different widths – as long as they fall within the 1" to 4.6" bracket.

Best for: a simple and compact label maker

Using the companion PrintMaster app, you can design an array of miniature labels with the handy and compact Memoking. As the name suggests, this label maker – like an embosser – is better suited to smaller label making.

The machine nevertheless offers an array of design options, including over 400 different icons and symbols, 29 borders and 22 different fonts to choose from via the app. You can also use it to print miniature pictures, barcodes and QR codes. With its integrated cutter and easy to use app, you’re bound to have labels and stickers coming out your ears.

Best for: larger offices

Designed for professional use, Brother is the go-to brand for office-ready printing equipment. Easy to connect to both Macs and PCs via an included USB cable, what we found intriguing about the QL-600B is the option for vertical printing and label making. This is particularly useful when it comes to files with long names, labelling racks or large storage containers.

Measuring a decent H21.3 x W12.5 x D14.2cm and weighing just over 1kg, this machine is also surprisingly portable, making it just as suitable for at-home office use. You can create your very own unique and custom designs using the compatible P-touch editor software, or simply import directly from any Microsoft Office programme – the choice is yours.

Best for: chic, nifty and Excel-compatible

Styled like a vintage, 70s record player – the Niimbot B21 is certainly one of the best-looking label makers we’ve ever come across. It's another label maker that is particularly popular on social media – but it certainly isn't all talk.

The Niimbot is Bluetooth operated, prints at 60mm/s and will never require ink thanks to its thermal printing capacity– which means you’ll save big on cartridge re-stocks. It also means that the labels you create are far less likely to smudge when placed in damper environments, such as inside fridges and freezers. This nifty machine can create labels ranging from 0.8"-2", comes equipped a batch-printing setting and also has a built-in scanner.

What's more, via the Niimbot app, you can choose between over 20 fonts, 1000 icons and 100 different borders for the ultimate customisation.

Best for: a bargain

This label maker does exactly what it says on the tin, for a bargain price and in the tiniest of packages. Measuring just 3.4 inches in height, it's a wonder this pocket rocket thermal label maker has the ability to produce such high-quality labels.

Other than the bargain price, we’re also big fans of the fact that this label maker offers the ability to print on continuous paper, as opposed to gap-filled, pre-made label rolls. This means that you can create labels which measure as long as you need – something that is particularly useful for those with double-barrelled surnames, or extremely complicated kitchen pantry ingredients.


The Cricut label maker does everything you could possibly need and more, while the vintage-style embosser offers a manual, though wonderfully chic, alternative. We’re also big fans of the NIIMBOT for stylish, compact and easy label making.

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