2023 COMPUTEX:Fastest, Biggest, Best
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2023 COMPUTEX:Fastest, Biggest, Best

Dec 25, 2023

TAIPEI, June 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- 2023 Taipei International Computer Exhibition (COMPUTEX 2023) officially kicked off on May 30th. As the world's second-largest and Asia's largest professional international computer exhibition, GoDEX, the fifth-largest label printer manufacturer in the world, showcased a range of new generation models that meet the latest trends and practical needs. Among them, the most eye-catching is GX4600i, proudly to be the world's fastest 600 dpi printer. It can print 6,000pc 2mm-sized barcodes just under one minute. Equipped with an industry-leading 5-inch color touchscreen and a completely new UI design, it challenges conventional user experience on industrial equipment with remarkable impression.

In addition to GX4600i, GoDEX also prepared various demonstrations for different usage scenarios. These include GTL-100, a tube automatic labeling printer hailed as a savior for nurses suffering from tendonitis, MX30+ mobile printer for logistics personnel on the go, linerless models that assist businesses to contribute in ESG environmental sustainability and carbon reduction, and GoDEX's well-known G500+ now features upgraded CPU and memory capacity, allowing more storage capacity for fonts which enables business owners to incorporate more creativity in their labels.

At GoDEX's booth in COMPUTEX 2023, visitors can experience the convenience of wireless mobile devices, commercial printer in various sizes, and industrial grade high-speed printing. GoDEX also offers free editing software, Golabel-II, to all users and there will be no additional charges to access its powerful database importing and computational capabilities.

GoDEX: Bringing Excellence Back to Taiwan

Barcode labels are ubiquitous in various industries, including manufacturing, retail, transportation, healthcare, catering, and e-commerce. They serve as the cornerstone of the entire commercial market, as global product circulation becomes significantly simplified with barcode labels. GoDEX's core mission since 1993 has always been focused on "Barcode Made Easy."

With a commitment to quality, GoDEX has kept its research and manufacturing operations in Taiwan since its inception. With over 4.5 million units sold globally and presence in more than 110 countries, GoDEX products can be seen worldwide by the subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, and Shanghai interlocking with Taiwan Head Quarter.

Throughout the years, GoDEX has been honored with prestigious awards such as the Taiwan Excellence Award, Good Design Award, and Innovative Design Award, and these acknowledgements will push us to "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" for the next 30 years to come.

CONTACT: Edward Chu, [email protected]

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