PAX Technology, Inc. Unveils Revolutionary Point of Sale System
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PAX Technology, Inc. Unveils Revolutionary Point of Sale System

Jun 09, 2023

The PAX Elys Solution

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (PRWEB) May 11, 2023

PAX Technology, Inc., a leading global payment solution provider, is excited to announce the release of the Elys Workstation (L1400), the central element in the revolutionary Elys Solution. The Elys Workstation is a highly configurable Point of Sale (POS) which can transform the customer and merchant experience by offering a single platform that integrates all your business management solutions including payments (when paired with a payment device), loyalty, inventory, time and attendance, and more. It features a vivid 14" high-definition screen, front-facing camera, runs on Android™ 11, and is powered by a high-performance processor. This is the first Android workstation engineered to seamlessly work as a POS and payment acceptance device.

"As industry and merchant needs have changed, we quickly evolved to become a complete solution provider. Our goal is to not only provide innovative payment solutions, but also effectively help merchants streamline business operations through our thousands of partners who provide solutions from inventory management, scheduling, loyalty, order taking, and much more," said Andy Chau, CEO & President.

Most POS providers today offer a closed system where merchants are required to utilize their solutions and payment gateway, potentially resulting in higher fees and limited business solutions. PAX enables thousands of business management tools through the PAXSTORE with an agnostic approach to payments providers. This empowers solution providers and merchants to customize the best options to meet their business needs.

The Elys Workstation is impressive on its own, but becomes even more powerful when paired with a payment device such as the PAX A35, A800, or the Elys Tablet (A3700).

The Elys Tablet is a customer-facing, 7-inch touch screen equipped with two-sided pogo pins which allow it to magnetically connect to the Elys Workstation. It is designed to detach from the Workstation, making it a mobile payment device, ideal for taking orders, pay-at-the-table, and line busting, and can reattach either right-side up or upside down. The Tablet runs on an Android™ 11 operating system, and accepts all forms of payment, including contactless and QR codes.

Keeping with the complete solution mindset, PAX has made available Elys accessories including the high-speed Elys Printer (T3180), which is a must-have for any POS system, and the Elys Eye wireless scanner (T3300- touchscreen, T3320-non-touch). Boasting a high-performance camera, and a built-in speaker for use as a walkie- talkie, the Elys Eye is portable and connects to the Elys Workstation via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® facilitating easy in-store communication.

PAX will continue to expand its offerings for the Elys family as it furthers its position as a full solution provider.

About PAX Technology, Inc. PAX Technology, Inc. is one of the largest electronic payment solution providers in the world, with 60 million terminals located in over 120 countries. As a leading global manufacturer of payment solutions, we are committed to delivering innovative, high-quality, and secure payment solutions to businesses, large and small, worldwide. To learn more visit

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