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6 Best Portable Label Makers With Tape

Nov 29, 2023

The best portable label makers with tape are a must-have in any student or small business owner's arsenal. We say this, as these nifty tools can be used for various purposes. In fact, you can streamline your workflow immensely by labeling your notebooks or products for sale. You can even label food containers in your kitchen for ease of access.

If you’re specifically on the lookout for a label maker, or you just want to go around your house sticking labels for fun, here are some of the best portable label makers that you can buy.

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Let's get to the best portable label printers now.


These include borders, excel tables, labels in different languages, and fonts. So, you can customize the labels for different objects as you deem fit. For instance, you can use funky colors and designs for notebooks and artwork. At the same time, you can use a subtler font for medicines or barcodes.

Speaking of barcodes, the Jadens label maker will be a great addition to your small business or home-based business. You can use it to mark boxes and containers or print small tags for shipping. All of the customization options can be accessed via the smartphone app that connects to the device via Bluetooth.

Reviews suggest that the Jadens label maker churns out good-quality prints. However, some users have mentioned that the tape doesn't stick firmly to smooth, glass-like surfaces. Another drawback is that you need to use the mobile app to input text onto the labels.


The Brother P-Touch handheld labeler improves upon the Jadens label maker by bundling a built-in keypad. Consequently, you don't have to whip out your smartphone to print a label.

The device also ships with a display, thereby making it easier to use. You get buttons to change the font, size, and style, and even add borders to text. There are over 10,000 user ratings for the product, with most citing that the Brother label maker is extremely convenient to use.

That's not to say that there's no room for improvement. In fact, the label maker could’ve benefitted from Bluetooth smarts like some other devices on the list. That would have helped with printing special characters or more complex template on labels.


A major highlight of the Phomemo D30 printer is that it allows users to print labels in different colors. The same can come in handy if you like to color-code different objects. For example, you can label the medicines you need to take in the morning in red, and you can label the ones to be taken at night in blue. You also get the option to print images on the labels, which is great.

Another advantage is that you can either print pre-cut labels of specific lengths or print longer, continuous labels. Most reviews applaud the device's tiny form factor. So much so, you can even carry the Phomemo D30 in your pockets. All said and done, the Phomemo D30 is a great label maker for anyone looking to print different types of labels.


With over 50,000 user ratings and an overall rating of 4.7, you cannot go wrong with the Dymo LetraTag. The device draws parallels to the Brother P-Touch label maker in a lot of ways. For one, you get a built-in QWERTY keypad to enter text and characters. What's more, it uses a roll of thermal paper to print labels so there's no ink involved either.

Speaking of paper, you get three different kinds of rolls that you can use to print labels. There's a standard plastic roll, a clear roll, and a paper roll too. The transparent label is the highlight since you can use it on surfaces like glass or clear plastic where you may not want the background to be seen. Clear labels on files and folders also look better than ones with an opaque background.

Although it's bigger than the Brother P-Touch, reviews say that it's more functional and also slightly faster at printing labels.


There are a few things that set the Makeid printer apart from the rest. For starters, the device ships with a larger-than-usual screen, so you can edit your text and characters with ease. Then, there's the ability to connect the printer to your phone via Bluetooth. In doing so, you can seamlessly edit the look of your labels. You can even choose from various templates and designs, a feature that's limited to label makers with smartphone connectivity.

Since the form factor of the Makeid printer is larger than most other portable label makers, the size of the labels you can print is also slightly larger. Consequently, you can also print QR codes using the Makeid label maker. It goes without saying then, that the label maker has amassed a truckload of positive reviews.

In fact, the majority of buyers speak highly of the label printer's features, with some citing that it is the only machine needed for labeling in small businesses. And, thanks to the companion app's creative features, the device is a great buy for art students too.


As prefaced above, the MokerLink label printer looks like a vintage typewriter, something that most people will find attractive. Despite being slightly larger than other printers, there's no keypad or screen on the MokerLink label maker. However, the extra space is used to print larger labels. If you’re running a business or a store, these labels can even be used for shipping or for bar codes and printing out product information.

To print these labels, you have to connect your smartphone to the MokerLink label maker via Bluetooth. You can then customize the labels to your liking. Some users have pointed out that the app works fine but several features are hidden behind a paywall. You may have to purchase a subscription in order to utilize all the features, which is a bummer.

So, unless you want to print larger labels with a lot of information, we suggest considering some other options mentioned earlier.

Label makers with thermal ink are used all over the world. You don't need to use ink cartridges or toners which saves a lot of costs.

Every label maker uses a certain specific type of paper to print. You cannot use your own paper or custom stickers to print labels.

Some label makers allow you to print labels of different sizes. Ensure you check the product description of the product you’re buying to check if you can print different-sized labels.

With a portable label maker in hand, you can go around your house or office and label just about anything you find. From the condiments in your kitchen to the notebooks on your shelf, start printing out custom labels and go crazy with your label maker.

Last updated on 03 May, 2023

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