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5 Best Label Makers of 2022

Jan 21, 2024

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These gadgets are surprisingly effective at cutting down on clutter.

Could your pantry use some serious storage help? Are you always looking for organization tips for a tidier home? Do you feel like it takes hours to find the right storage bin in the attic? Here's a decluttering solution you may not have tried: Consider getting a label maker to keep everything in your home orderly. Not only does a label maker help you find what you're looking for quickly and easily, whether it's bathroom products, jars, toys, spices or other items, but these devices are also reasonably affordable and simple to use. Trust us, labels look much better — and are easier to read — than Sharpie scribbles. Label makers are helpful when it comes to organizing the bathroom, rearranging your closet, crafting and even ensuring you have a tidy office desk.

At the Good Housekeeping Institute, our analysts and engineers test everything from food containers to reusable storage bags, and all sorts of home organizers. To choose the best label makers, we had consumers like you test out best-selling models and evaluate them for ease of use, design, performance and more. We also reviewed top sellers, innovative products and brands we’ve tested and recommended in the past. According to our experts, these are the best label makers to make 2022 the year you finally get your home in the tidiest shape ever.

After we share our picks, keep reading to learn how we tested the label makers and what you should consider when you're choosing one to help organize your house.

This Good Housekeeping Storage Awards winner earned the title of Ultimate Label Maker from our pros. Not only is the keypad easy to use, but it also features 14 different fonts, tons of symbols and 97 frames. Just type up your label and preview it on the LCD screen before printing. We like that you can even store up to 30 different labels in the maker's memory for quick labeling in the future.

"I appreciated the easy-to-access built-in templates," says GH Institute Chief Technologist & Executive Technical Director Rachel Rothman. "I was able to use it to readily organize our pantry and our kids' toys." Our experts were also impressed by the quick setup and many custom fonts and layout options.

We love this label maker's lightweight and portable design , along with its affordable price. Not only does it feature multiple templates and fonts in other languages, but it also has built-in Bluetooth connectivity. So instead of typing directly on the label maker, all you have to do is connect your phone via Bluetooth, and you can create labels with the compatible app. "It was easy to set up and super simple to use for a Bluetooth-enabled label maker," says Textiles, Paper & Apparel Lab Product Analyst Grace Wu. "While you don't get precut and resizable labels with this one, I like how easy it is to peel off your printed labels — almost exactly like a sticker! I also love the small, compact size compared to all the other label makers I've used."

Like most Bluetooth-enabled label makers, this one doesn't come with a keyboard. Instead, you connect the label maker to your smartphone and the app via Bluetooth to create labels straight from your phone. Our pros love this model for crafting, since it's compatible with a range of ribbons and decorative tapes, and it has personalized design options (you can upload custom graphics and images), but it's also a reliable pick for general organization.

"I like how sleek it is and how you can truly customize your labels with cute designs on the app," Grace says. "You're not just limited to traditional tape, which is great if you're craftier — this one lets you print on ribbons, allowing you to personalize things for decorating or gift wrapping." She does mention, however, that every time a single label is printed, a bit of the tape is cut off and wasted.

"It prints super quickly from phone to label maker," says Eva Bleyer, Kitchen Appliances & Innovation Lab reviews analyst. "I've never used this type of label maker, and now I'm a huge fan. We put labels all over all our jars for great organization!"

This label maker is a bit larger than others on this list, but despite the extra storage space it requires, it's extremely easy to hold in your hand and features a large display that can show up to four lines of text. It comes with a rechargeable battery, so there's no need to keep purchasing alkaline ones, and our pros like that you can either use the label maker directly via the keypad or connect it to your computer to customize labels further.

"DYMO was super easy to use," Grace says. "You don't need to connect to any apps if you don't want to. You just press buttons and press print, and the labels come out. It's your no-frills office label maker." She also likes that you can preview your label before it prints.

This super-efficient label maker is a great choice for office organization. Its compact size and affordable price make it easy to use, and our pros love that it features a display and functional buttons to get the job done quickly. Although we don't recommend this label maker for crafting, since it's not compatible with decorative tapes and doesn't feature customization options, it's a great pick for anyone who requires classic labels for organizing. "This label maker is simple to use," Rachel says. "I like that in general with Epson label makers there's less 'extra' blank tape on the edges, so it feels like you're maximizing tape use."

For years, the experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute have tested home organization products, including label makers. We compiled this list of label makers based on consumer testing and feedback, extensive reviews of top sellers, innovative products, and brands we’ve used and recommended in the past. When selecting our favorite picks, we evaluated each label maker for ease of use, design, settings, label quality and real-life performance.

✔️ Connectivity: Does preparing and printing labels require the press of a few buttons on a keyboard, or do you have to download an app and connect to Bluetooth to create your label? Although being able to prepare labels directly on the device is easier for some, connectivity to outside sources, such as a smartphone or computer, are good to consider and often offer more personalization options.

✔️ Design: Since you might be making hundreds of labels in one go, does the label maker have a compact size or any ergonomic features, like contoured edges to make it comfortable to hold? You should check that the machine isn't too heavy, since you'll be holding it in your hand. Also, does it feature a screen where you can preview your label before printing, and is it large enough to see clearly? Screen sizes can vary a bit from model to model.

✔️ Settings: Check how many fonts, styles and symbols, as well as templates or layout options, your label maker has. Some label makers will even allow you to make custom designs with your own images and graphics.

✔️ Tape: "Not all machines can handle all sorts of tape, and some require proprietary ones," Rachel says. If you want to use ribbons or decorative tape, for instance, ensure the label maker is compatible with specialty tapes or is geared toward crafting. "Also, make sure it can handle the size of tape you'd want for labels," she suggests.

✔️ Cost: "Consider not just the cost of the machine or any potential batteries, but also the cost of tape," Rachel advises. Make sure to budget this in so you're not left with any surprises, as not all tape has the same price tag.

✔️ Battery: Label makers run on batteries, so you'll have to decide whether you want a model that requires alkaline batteries or one that has a built-in rechargeable battery that you typically charge with a USB cable. While our pros think it's easier to opt for a rechargeable label maker, we suggest going with what feels easier for you.

Media & Tech Reviews Analyst Olivia Lipski oversees product testing and covers everything from consumer tech to home appliances, fitness and more. She continues to stay on top of the industry's latest innovations and helps readers make better purchasing decisions by testing and reviewing the best gadgets to hit the market.

Rachel Rothman is the chief technologist and executive technical director at the Good Housekeeping Institute. For more than 15 years, Rachel has put her training in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics to work by researching, testing and writing about products across the home improvement space. A mother of three, she is an avid label maker user and frequently relies on one to organize her kids' toys, pantry and more.

Olivia (she/her) is a media and tech product reviews analyst at the Good Housekeeping Institute, covering tech, home, auto, health and more. She has more than five years of experience writing about tech trends and innovation and, prior to joining GH in 2021, was a writer for Android Central, Lifewire and other media outlets. Olivia is a graduate of George Washington University, with a bachelor's degree in journalism, political science and French, and she holds a master's degree in communications from Sciences Po Paris.

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Our top picks: quick setup and many custom fonts and layout options lightweight and portable design , along with its affordable price compatible with a range of ribbons and decorative tapes, and it has personalized design options no-frills office label maker compact size and affordable price make it easy to use based on consumer testing and feedback, extensive reviews of top sellers, innovative products, and brands we’ve used and recommended in the past ✔️ Connectivity: ✔️ Design: ✔️ Settings: ✔️ Tape: ✔️ Cost: ✔️ Battery: